How to Sell Safety and Security Solutions In-House?

Even though you’ve found a great Safety or Security Software Solution, that would definitely benefit your company, chances are, that you still have to sell the idea in-house for multiple stakeholders. You might have to get a budget for it, get approval from your superiors, get your team convinced, and find resources from your IT-team. We know your pain and in this blog post, we'll give you the tools and knowledge to facilitate this decision making process.

People tend to prefer current practices and resist change. Therefore it’s crucial to lay out solid facts when introducing new safety and security solutions. Here are quick tips and pointers on how to convince everybody.



1. Digitalisation happens today

One of the core possibilities of new checktech solutions is to move away from papers and binders and have all the information online. No one should have important data saved on plain paper in an office. It doesn’t only create a greater risk of information loss but also hampers effortless communication flow between all stakeholders. Digitalisation is not the future but is happening right now. The options are to choose between SaaS (software as a service) and a bespoke app.


2. Safety and Security apps save time

Using web and mobile tools for audits and safety reporting saves everyone’s time. An inspector shouldn’t need to write down notes with a pen and paper and a manager shouldn’t need to interpret bad handwriting or organise paper slips. When using a well-designed software, everything is inserted in a safety app which clearly shows the current state of affairs. Information is easy to share to executives.


3. Results are measurable

Writing down notes on a paper can end up being very subjective. When using an app with pre-determined questions the results remain objective. That kind of data is measurable and combinable to specific metrics. The whole process is more coherent when there’s a pre-set template for inspections.


4. Transparency facilitates changes

Having the data online and available to chosen stakeholders creates a transparent flow of information. Reports are built on data that can be easily reviewed or checked. The whole process is visible, transparent and presentable. Transparency increases trust between collaborators and diminishes the risk of one person having too much power over decisions.


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5. Software is ecological

No more paper all around. A safety or security software is more ecological than tonnes of paper being filled in and being delivered. Environmental values are a growing interest not only for customers but also for partner companies. Having the safety information in a cloud decreases the amount of paperwork to a minimum.


6. Apps improve communication

When everyone uses the same software, there’s no need to send emails and attachments or collect inspection papers for data analysis. Data is quickly inserted in a mobile or web tool and information can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet browser. Reports are automatically generated and easy to share. Overall communication is notably improved by using a safety or security app.

Did we forget something crucial from the list? Do you want more help facilitating the decision making process in your organisation? Don't hesitate contacting us.

If you want to broaden your knowledge about why facilitating the change is important, check out our blog series about the VUCA framework. If you want to read about the real-life results of a company that implemented our auditing and reporting software, read the Citycon case study.

We are building the world's first operational involvement platform. Our mission is to make the process of finding, sharing, fixing and learning from issues and observations as easy as thinking about them and as rewarding as being remembered for them.‍

By doing this, we are making work more meaningful for all parties involved.

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