How To Improve Service Provider Communication In Shopping Centres

Between the increase in the number of shopping centres and the boom of e-commerce, it is increasingly difficult for shopping centres to stand out. Shopping centre quality has therefore become more important than ever. 

It’s crucial for shopping centres to focus on visitor experience, safety and comfort to keep people coming back. To do this, shopping centres need to be able to take care of any problems swiftly.

5 Ways To Improve Service Provider Communication In Shopping Centers

Achieving a high shopping centre quality can be a daunting task, but it is made easy with simple but effective management solutions. Communication is essential in ensuring that service providers are made aware of any problems and resolve them efficiently. 

Here are five ways of improving service provider communications in shopping centres.


1. Mobile communication is key

Mobile communication is an incredibly useful tool to speed up dialogues around processes. It allows for immediate communication so that service providers can act quickly. 

With a comprehensive mobile app, it’s also easier to track communications between service providers and shopping centre managers. This means that managers can see when tasks are resolved or follow up if they haven’t been.


2. Add photos for issues

It may be difficult to describe issues when the people involved in the reporting process are not experts in a particular field. For example, a shopping centre security officer might not fully understand a plumbing issue and could relay the information incorrectly. 

Adding photos when reporting issues can help to clearly show issues so that management can contact the right people to take care of them.


3. Use only one ticketing system

A centralised communication channel for all service providers simplifies things. Relying on multiple email threads and separate phone calls or even scheduling conference calls can be tedious, and even allow room for error. 

One system to log tickets helps keep things simple, and allows the management team to monitor everything in one place.

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4. Hold frequent collaboration meetings

Regular meetings allow stakeholders to voice concerns and praise successes. Checking in often means that there is less time for problems to take place before finding appropriate solutions. It also keeps everyone on the same page and up to date on any important issues regarding the shopping centre.


5. Measure resolution rates and repair times

It’s all well and good to plan and implement new strategies and channels of communication, but it’s also important to show the results. In order to do so, analytics are important. Measuring resolution rates and repair times gives shopping centre managers valuable insights. 

They can track how long certain problems take to resolve and therefore predict resolution or repair times for similar issues in the future. This can help to plan better and put other measures in place in the meantime to ensure good visitor experience and shopping centre safety.


Final Thoughts

To stay ahead of the competition, shopping centres need to provide high-quality visitor experience, comfort and safety.  Effective communication with service providers is critical for good shopping centre quality. It enables the right people to take action efficiently so that the centre can continue to operate seamlessly.


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