16 Incidents every University and School should be reporting

University incident reporting, as well as school incident reporting, are critical for the functioning of these institutions. When an incident occurs, either staff or students must report it. If the incident is serious - the relevant party involved should report it immediately.

Not all incidents will need to be reported to a higher authority. But, students should have the means to report any incidents to the school. Let’s review some of the incidents that universities and schools should report.

1. Accidents

This can be a vague term. If an unexpected, unintentional incident occurs and has negative implications, it needs to be reported. This can include injuries or damages to property.


2. Improper behaviour

Improper behaviour could be observed in a staff member or another student. If the behaviour is threatening, concerning or inappropriate, the university or school will need to monitor the individual to ensure that the behaviour is not repetitive.


3. Cheating and plagiarism

Cheating and plagiarism are important to report. They undermine the credibility of academics at any institution.


4. Near misses and Safety observations

Campus safety should be a high priority. Observations about spaces that lack safety, or where ‘near miss’ incidents occur, should be reported. This gives the institution a chance to improve them.


5. Harassment and bullying

If students report this type of behaviour, institutions will be able to monitor the individuals involved. They can then try to resolve the situation.


6. Threats and violence

If the university, or school, is aware of these cases, they can monitor the spaces where threats and violence occur and improve security. This ensures that the individuals implicated can face consequences for their actions.


7. Thefts

It’s important to report cases of theft on campus so that the university or school can increase security where needed. They could also consider other options to combat incidents of theft, such as lockers.


8. Vandalism

University incident reporting, or school incident reporting, should allow people to report on vandalism. Vandalism could be offensive and is considered property damage. Reporting incidents of vandalism allows the relevant authority to fix or cover up the incidents.


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9. Drug observations

Reporting drug use or observations of illicit substances on campus is very important. It alerts the relevant authorities on any illegal activities. Reporting can also help identify common spaces that drug use occurs on campus and put preventative measures in place. 


10. Intoxicated person

Student incident reporting can either notify the institution of, or allow quick action to be taken against, an intoxicated person on campus.


11. IT security and privacy incidents

Schools and universities must report any IT or Privacy incidents. By doing so, they can track the problems and put better cybersecurity measures in place. 


12. Problem situations (in exchange, etc)

Often, students face general problem situations, such as an issue experienced by a student in an exchange programme. Schools and Universities need to make it easy for students to report any problems they may have so that they can find solutions quickly.


13. Worries and Anxieties

Student incident reporting should be a space for students to express their worries and anxieties about all university or school operations.


14. Ideas and Initiatives

Students and staff should be able to convey their ideas and initiatives for improving the institution. These individuals will know the spaces that could use some improvement.


15. Hygiene and cleaning deviations

If there is a space on campus that has experienced hygiene and cleaning deviations, students and staff using the facilities will be aware of it.


16. Facility service requests

Some facilities in the institution may have some elements that do not work. Or, some improvement that would allow the space to function better.


Final Thoughts

Student incident reporting allows institutions to monitor individuals and spaces that may be problematic. It also allows these institutions to take ideas from reports and improve.


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