How To Assess The Quality Of Cleaning And Maintenance

Cleaning quality management and maintenance are important for a lot of public spaces and especially for shopping centres. Customers, tenants and visitors don’t want to come to an unclean and unsanitary space, particularly for their shopping needs. 

As a facility manager, you need to ensure the cleanliness of various areas in the property. This includes the common areas, bathrooms, outside areas, and more. 

Let’s take a look at 5 suggestions on how to assess the quality of cleaning and maintenance.

1. Set up the necessary feedback channels

Customers and tenants have valuable insight into the cleanliness and maintenance your property. And they have an experience that you may not have as the manager. Thus, it is important for you to get feedback from them to improve your customer experience.

Ensure that customers and tenants have a channel to give feedback or complaints on the cleaning conditions of the facility. Also, set up feedback channels for your employees and cleaning staff.

Make sure that customers and tenants know about this channel. They should know how to access and how to file their feedback. 

Use the feedback and data you gather from these channels to identify which areas of the facility have the most issues. Then you can work to resolve any issues and improve problem areas.


2. Create a checklist

You want to conduct objective quality assessments that meet the same standards each time. So, establish organisational standards indicating what is acceptable as clean and well-maintained.

Then, create a predetermined checklist that inspectors and cleaners can use to make sure that all areas are cleaned well at all times. Individuals have subjective takes on what might look clean to them, so you want to make sure that all areas meet your cleanliness standard.


3. Establish clear goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Establish and share cleaning and maintenance goals that all people in your organisation should strive to meet.

From these goals, you can set up KPIs to track the progress and standard of cleaning at all times. KPIs can include customer feedback, appearance, health conditions, etc.

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4. Adhere to general health and sanitation standards

There are global and regional conditions and standards that all public facilities need to meet. Look to organisations like the National Health Service (NHS), and World Health Organisation (WHO). They will guide you on what you should prioritise to meet environmental health and safety standards. 

Also, pay mind to the changing needs for public safety. For example, the implementation of sanitiser for visitors during COVID-19.


5. Have different cleanliness systems

There are different systems that you can consider for checking the cleanliness of your facility. You can use clever mobile auditing platforms, physical testing tools, and digital and electronic devices. 

Consider tools that check moisture levels, air quality, high traction tools that prevent slip and fall incidents, etc.


Final Thoughts

Clean conditions affect customer and tenant experiences and the brand value of your organisation. So, use these methods along with a comprehensive digital auditing tool to uphold your standards and quality.


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