The Promised Land Of Incident Reporting

We all want to have a workplace with fewer accidents and lost workdays. One in which there are no more urgent downstream corrections, passive followers and frustrated workers having to fix problems after the fact. You would much rather have engaged employees that work together to create a workplace that mitigates risk. 

In this workplace, Chief Involvement Officers and proactive members of a common cause implement well-thought-out upstream preventions. This is somewhat of an ideal in the working world. A safer workplace saves you all the costs associated with accidents, injuries, losses, new hires, low morale and decreased productivity. On top of this, a safe workplace is a happier workplace, and coming to work is a lot more enjoyable for everyone. 

This is the promised land of incident reporting. With the right incident reporting tools and involved employees, any business can achieve this.

How Does The Promised Land Apply To Incident Reporting And Employee Involvement?

Proper incident reporting and employee involvement are your tickets to the promised land. You need to have both, and the two will work together to help you keep your workplace safe. 

A well-planned incident reporting system entails a simple yet sophisticated central reporting channel. All employees need to know that it exists, and how to use it. Simply put, they need to be involved. 

To encourage employee involvement, you need to enable and facilitate transparent communication, educate your employees about your incident reporting system and safety practices, and reward employees who report incidents. 

When everyone is involved in incident reporting, it becomes a lot easier to identify and eliminate areas and practices that are contributing to an unsafe work environment. You can prevent problems from occurring upstream instead of scrambling to fix the problem after it has occurred.


How To Change Your Current Incident Reporting Culture

Simply having a system for incident reporting is not enough. You need to have an efficient one that encourages every single employee's involvement. The best way to achieve this is to use good incident reporting software. The right software will be user-friendly and accessible to every single member of your organisation. It will do the heavy lifting for you by setting up an efficient system you can use to identify and manage occupational safety threats. 

However, for your incident reporting system to work effectively, you also need to ensure that every employee knows it exists and how to use it. Explain to your employees that no incident is too small to report and show them how to report an incident. 

You also need to take action on reports to show your employees that you take them seriously and that change will happen if they report their observations.

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Final thoughts

Any business can get to the promised land of incident reporting. All it takes is the right incident reporting tools and employees who make the most of them. Do this and you will see fewer accidents and lost workdays as well as the decreased costs associated with two. As a result, you can create a safer work environment for your employees while saving money.


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