Bring Transparency To Key And Access Right Orders

In real estate, access rights are defined simply as the right to access a property. For commercial real estate, this can extend to the tenants or renters but also their customers. These rights govern who can gain entrance to a property.

Of course, this is linked to key rights and ownership. Between a landlord or property manager and a tenant, keys are a vital symbol for their professional relationship.

Access and Key Right Orders

Tenants have legal rights to use and possess the property for the course of their lease. The areas of the property that are accessible to the tenant must be stipulated in the lease for tenants to gain rights. If not, the property owner can forbid access to parts of the property.

In situations where tenants need to request access rights, they have to request this from the landlord or property manager. This may require an alteration, addition, or appendix to the agreement or lease. This is at the discretion of the property owner or manager. If they deny these rights, then the tenant may not expand their access.

Key access orders work in much the same way. The property manager must be able to keep track of all the keys that exist for their property. They need to know how many keys there are and who has access to them. Thus, all key access orders must go through the necessary management representative.


The Importance of Key and Access Rights Order Transparency

The safety and security of the property is a key motivation for creating transparency around key and access rights. 

In a commercial space, not only does the manager need to consider the tenants, but they also need to account for their tenants’ visitors and customers, and other service providers. All these people need access to the space.

However, key access should be limited to select people. This promotes safety and security. Those who possess keys have the responsibility to care for them. And the property managers must track the volume of keys for the same reason.


How to Increase Transparency Around Key and Access Right Orders

To efficiently manage key and access rights and facilitate orders, managers need to have a way to track key distribution and property access.

They can:

  • Create a portal for key orders
  • Keep a record of who accesses the building
  • Document circulating keys
  • Establish security procedures for lost keys
  • Build awareness amongst tenants on how to conduct key and access orders

Using a tenant communication portal makes it easy for tenants to share access concerns and file requests. A portal speeds up communication and simplifies tenants’ lives, making it easy for them to grant access to those who need it for the functioning of their business.

With key requests, orders, and other distribution data available in one place, it also makes it easier for managers to track access. 

You can better keep an eye on who comes on and off the property and who has a key to use.


Final Thoughts

Sustaining transparency around key and access rights also promotes responsibility. Tenants know to remain responsible for their keys and to whom they grant access and managers can monitor the possession of keys. Both promote security for a safe commercial real estate relationship.


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