Key And Access Rights Management As Part Of Tenant Portals

Keys are at the centre of property relationships. The exchange of keys defines access and opens up the space to tenants. Thus, keys are very closely linked to tenants’ access rights to the building. 

However, it can become an issue when keys get lost or there is no structured control over the available keys to a building. That is why key and access management matter for commercial property management.

Let's have a look at some of the main ins and outs of key and access rights management:

Joint responsibility

Key access is a matter of safety and building security. In a commercial building where businesses receive various guests and employees come in and out, key management is vital. Outside of the tenants or businesses renting in your building, there are also service providers that have access to the building, too. All of these people need to gain access in a way that doesn’t compromise security and safety. 

Additionally, all the above actors have a responsibility to promote and get involved in this safety and security. For example, it is not a smart idea for tenant businesses to provide key cards to different guests every day. They must be responsible for ensuring safe access for their guests. The same goes for service providers like outsourced cleaners and more. 

Lots of keys get handed out to tenants and other building users. It is their responsibility to keep these safe. However, it is also the property management or owners’ responsibility to track key distribution and deal with lost keys.


Easy communication

Good key management means providing your tenants with an easy way to communicate about any access issues. Tenants want a simple and speedy way to place their orders for new keys or access tags. 

You can remove the bottlenecks that get in the way of this process by setting up a tenant communication channel. Often, tenants have to go through a long process, submitting their key request to a facility manager first before it can even reach the property owner. A good communication channel shortens this process by removing the facility manager. Requests go straight where they have to, automating information flow.


Data or information visibility

The ability to monitor the people who have the ability to request key changes or updates contributes to key safety and access management. This should be made easy to manage for yourself and your tenants on the communication portal. Knowing who can make key orders and updates helps you trace accountability when issues arise. 

You can also keep other important documents on your portal. In addition to the list of people above, you can store a list of distribution details, for example. This can assist you in tracking the keys handed out, to whom, and when they were handed out.


Final thoughts

You need a practical and accessible solution to key distribution and access right management. With a commercial building, it's very easy to lose track of the different people with building access and their own set of keys. So, use a tenant communication portal that enables key management for safer, more secure buildings!


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