Why Having One Unified Platform For All Commercial Tenant Needs Is Essential

Tenant involvement is important for efficient property management. As a property manager, you need to be able to easily communicate with tenants, share relevant information with them, and make it easy to follow through with anything communicated. While this may sound easy enough, in reality, it often becomes one big jumbled mess. 

This is where having the right tenant communications platform is essential. Using a unified platform helps avoid many common tenant experience pitfalls. It also makes it a lot easier to efficiently manage a commercial property. 

We’ll explore why this is the case in the guide below.

The Problem With Traditional Tenant Communications

Solid tenant communication is one of the most important aspects of managing a property. If property managers have a clear and transparent line of communication available with the tenant, resolving issues and following up on any tenant requirements is a lot more efficient. 

The problem is that traditional tenant communications models just aren’t effective enough. Tenant communications are often done via channels such as email, phone calls, text messages, and bulletin boards. 

When using communication channels like these, it's easy to lose track of information. Messages communicated on these channels often get lost or are not followed up with. This makes it difficult for the tenant to voice their concerns and needs to the property management. When the tenant has issues or requires the property manager to act quickly on a matter, these communication methods slow things down a great deal. 

Traditional tenant communications also increase the difficulty of finding relevant information for tenants and knowing who is the right person to contact about certain topics on the property.


The Solution: A Unified Platform

Introducing a unified platform that covers all information that the tenant needs solves this confusion. It will make communication easier and create transparency around the property. 

Forget about confusing lines of communication and trying to find information amongst many different channels and sources. With a single source of truth, communication and problem solving become far more efficient.


What Should That platform Look Like?

Choosing a unified platform should be digital and mobile-friendly so that tenants can use it on the devices they already use in their everyday lives. This makes communication easily accessible for tenants. They can easily get in touch with the property asset manager, maintenance, security and other stakeholders.

With a tenant portal platform like Falcony, tenant communication becomes a streamlined experience. The platform covers all aspects of the tenant experience in a single mobile portal and integrates well with all other systems such maintenance management system, meeting room reservation systems and any external websites. This makes it easy for property managers and tenants to stay up top date with all the right information in real-time and to find the right information right when they need it.

Final Thoughts

Having a unified platform increases tenant involvement, which leads to loyal tenants. As a property manager, this should be one of your biggest goals. 

Not only this, but a single platform to streamline communications makes it a lot easier to manage the property, resolve issues, and keep up to date with tenants.

If your organisation is looking for a 360° tenant experience platform to involve all employees, service providers and tenants to improve the quality of your operations, have a look at our 30-day free trial:

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We are building the world's first operational involvement platform. Our mission is to make the process of finding, sharing, fixing and learning from issues and observations as easy as thinking about them and as rewarding as being remembered for them.‍

By doing this, we are making work more meaningful for all parties involved.

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