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Use Pre-Mortems To Prepare For Future Unknown Risks

We’ve all heard of a post-mortem. In business, this means looking back at a problem that has...

Management Systems
4 min read

The Power Of The "NO"- Person

There are many ways to promote organisational agility but none of them involves a black-and-white...

6 min read

Winston Churchill's Special Department (To Avoid Groupthink)

In Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success, you learn all about a fixed versus...

Management Systems
3 min read

Why Quality Can’t Be Just A Single Department

Quality is a broad term. It means different things for different people, businesses, and...

Quality Management
6 min read

Book Summary: The Checklist Manifesto

Checklists improve outcomes without adding skills. That's a bold statement as making a checklist...

4 min read

The Crucial Missing Piece Of Cross-Team Communication

Communication can make or break an organisation. There is huge potential for it to help...

Management Systems
6 min read

Book Summary: Black Box Thinking

Human error is normal. It’s inevitable. In Matthew Syed’s book Black Box Thinking, he points this...

Learning from Failure
4 min read

Customer Experience Is Not Just One Department

Customers are the centre of any business. If your business is going to thrive, then it needs to...

Customer Experience Management
4 min read

What Is Organisational Agility?

Organisational agility is when a company can quickly adapt to changes in their business...

Management Systems
4 min read

Involve your stakeholders to report

At Falcony, we create solutions that multiply the amount of observations and enable our customers to gain greater understanding of what’s going on in their organisations, areas of responsibility and processes.