How To Perfect Reception & Property Management Cooperation

Perfecting the management of your facilities is an intricate job. It requires the collaboration of several different actors and departments. Property and facility managers can't do all the work needed to keep entire properties running smoothly and tenants satisfied. 

A common flaw is when property managers don't work with other staff members, especially those experiencing tenants directly. Yes, we’re talking about reception services.

As a property manager, how can you benefit from syncing your workflow with your building reception? And how can you work better with your receptionist(s)?

Why Is This Collaboration Important?

Property managers and receptionists both work and communicate with tenants, although in different capacities. 

The reception is the face of your property team. It is also the most accessible physical touch point for tenants. They will often be the first stop for practical issues tenants have with the facilities like plumbing or complaints about other tenants.

Although property managers can also handle these areas, they represent a more formal channel. They can better engage questions about contracts, lease agreements, key rights, etc.

The truth is, however, that these roles aren't so distinct. The activities and tasks can overlap. Tenants may approach whoever is most convenient at that time. This makes it important for whoever the tenant speaks to communicate and share updates with the other party. That way, everyone is always in the loop and all members of the team can assist and provide informed aid to the tenant. It also helps your property team remain cohesive, productive, and efficient.


How To Get This Collaboration Right

Getting your staff to work harmoniously together takes time, ongoing team building and targeted feedback. However, there are some things you can do now to improve the collaboration between the reception and property management.


Centralise Communication

A single, centralised communication portal will enhance how your staff works together. All your team members can receive updates in real-time. They will receive instant notifications when tenants send requests, complaints, or concerns. With access to the same information, you can make sure your team can work in synchronicity on property matters.


Create Document & Information Accessibility

Another form of accessibility that can better the reception-property manager relationship is open document storage. Open to the relevant staff, that is. 

When the staff have access to documents and information at their convenience, it makes it easier for them to respond to tenant questions instantly. Instead of waiting for information to churn slowly down the line, they can learn what they need swiftly. A cloud-based system and storage is the best way to achieve this accessibility.


Leverage Tech Developments

Technology is constantly evolving, easing the work of various industries. Keep an eye out for technology developments that can make your team’s work simpler. For example, adopting a virtual receptionist could make it easier to manage your front desk across properties and remotely.


Final Thoughts

As the saying goes, “it takes a village”. In the case of property management, that village includes your entire team. In particular, working with reception services can help improve your tenant experience tremendously. It’s a brilliant strategy and one you can immediately implement for the better of your facility.


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