Why You Shouldn’t Publish Tenant Announcements On Multiple Platforms

Managing tenant relations should be a top priority for commercial property managers. When you keep tenants satisfied, you can forge lifelong business relationships and loyalty. You also build a reputation of trust that can draw other tenants to your property.

But how do you foster such relationships with your tenants?

One way to do this is to create efficient modes of communication with tenants. Tenant announcements are a great option to do this - if you get them right, that is. And the key to good or effective tenant announcements is to have them all accessible from one touchpoint instead of on multiple platforms.

Why Having Multiple Platforms for Tenant Announcements is a Problem

Some of the issues that arise when you use multiple platforms to share tenant announcements are:


Information Silos

When you use different platforms for tenant updates, this can result in the formation of information silos. This is when separate information systems form and do not connect with each other. As a result, your tenants don’t end up getting all the information they should on one platform. 

Thus, it becomes difficult for the tenants, as well as the property managers, to view information holistically - resulting in confusion and incomplete knowledge.


Not all Information Reaches Every Tenant

Without a single source of relevant information, tenants can miss out on some updates. When there are too many information sources, a tenant may see some announcements from one platform but miss others.

This could also result in some tenants not receiving announcements at all if you don't have them on all the communication platforms.


Scattered Information

Not only can having several platforms lead to disconnected or siloed information, but it can also result in scattered data too. 

When you have information or announcements all over the place, it can be difficult to track where everything is. In comparison, a single solution makes it easy to locate data.



The disorder resulting from multiple announcement platforms can lead to confusion for managers and tenants. Overall, it makes it tricky for all parties to stay on the same page and to ensure everyone has access to the same information.


The Solution: A Central, Unified Communication Channel

The best way to address the issues of multi-platform use is to utilise a single platform for all announcements and communications with tenants. Use a tenant portal that allows you to share relevant, real-time updates with tenants. This includes announcements from service providers too.

Through the portal, tenants can also share their concerns and issues and contact you for support. You can easily engage with and involve tenants in announcements if everything is in one place.

Having a centralised system also benefits your internal team operations. Without the separation caused by using multiple platforms, your staff members can gain access to information easily. This allows them to deal with issues speedily and provide better support to tenants.


Final Thoughts

With a unified, single solution for your tenant announcements and communications, you can remove confusion around property changes and updates. You can also improve your tenant support, enhance your team’s performance, and eradicate bottlenecks.

That means happier tenants and a better tenant experience in the long run.


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