Why You Should Involve Service Providers For Tenant Announcements

Tenant involvement and engagement are important aspects of property management and tenant satisfaction. Tenant announcements form a vital part of communication procedures and tenant involvement. They provide opportunities to interact and stay in touch with your renters. 

Announcements also allow you to inform tenants about relevant changes and information that affect them. With different service providers contributing to your tenant services, it can be difficult to balance updates and communication between your service providers and tenants. 

Services also change and so do service providers. So, how can you better inform tenants about such developments? Let’s consider 3 worthwhile motivations for involving service providers in tenant announcements.

1. Make announcements visible to management

Property companies often have many different service providers who assist with the running of their buildings. Commercial properties might have cafes, in-house restaurants, lobby services, maintenance workers, plumbers, technicians, and more. 

As the property manager or landlord, you are the one responsible for hiring service providers. However, this doesn’t mean these providers do not form relationships with your tenants. 

Service provider and tenant communications may not be visible to you. But, it’s likely they’re happening anyway over email or another channel. 

You want this communication to be visible so that you can track what’s happening in your building. So, involve your service providers in your communication channel.


2. Improves accessibility to information

Your commercial building service providers probably send out announcements and updates to tenants. This can be via email, SMS messages, Whatsapp or other platforms. Integrate your tenant announcements with theirs through an efficient tenant communication platform. This will present a more professional and streamlined front. 

Combining all announcements into one place ensures that you get important information to your tenants. They can find updates easily without being bombarded with too much of the same content or duplicate announcements. This is fantastic for your customer service and tenant satisfaction.


3. Enhances tenant experience

Involving your service providers in tenant announcements also makes for an easier tenant experience. Tenants, like all other customers, desire convenience and ease. Uniting communications in this way allows you to centralise information for your tenants. It makes it easier for them to access this information in one central place. 

Not only does this make communication easy for your tenants. But, it also simplifies your management of tenant announcements.


Final thoughts

You have to keep your tenants in the know. They need to be aware of any developments or updates relating to the property, building, or other relevant changes. Naturally, the same goes for updates or changes regarding service providers. So, why not combine the two? 

Your tenants probably don’t want to communicate with multiple parties on different platforms. Streamline the communications within your property by involving service providers for your announcements. This way, both you and your tenants can easily access updates and relevant information. It will help to keep everyone informed and enhance the tenant experience.


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