How To Involve Tenants With Announcements And Newsletters

Tenant announcements show occupants that their landlord is in the know, there to help, and open to communication. They are a good way to make tenants feel content in their workspace, which will in turn benefit you as the landlord, as it will reduce the tenant turnover rate.

Below, we will briefly explore some tips on how to keep tenants clued up and involved via announcements and newsletters.

What Warrants an Announcement?


Ideally, you should make announcements for any of the following: 

  • Contract or service changes
  • Important building rules or new initiatives
  • Disruptions to power, water supply or other HVAC matters
  • New tenants moving in
  • Relevant local events

These are important points because they affect tenants who are actively using the premises you manage. Tenants want to know when any maintenance or property related events take place, so keeping them in the loop with announcements around these is advisable.


How To Involve Your Tenants More

People generally spend a lot of time at their workspaces. So, they most likely would like to be in the loop with what’s going on in the building.

To simplify the information process here are 3 tips on how to be efficient with your communications to your tenants. 


1. Make Announcements in Advance 

If there is anything pressing a tenant needs to know, make sure you don’t inform them too late. This could make them feel like an afterthought, which is the very opposite of what you are trying to achieve with tenant announcements.

If there are large disruptions on the cards, such as noisy renovations or interrupted power and water supply, tenants need to be given enough warning to make alternative plans if need be.


2. Carefully Consider Announcement Frequency

You don’t want to inundate tenants with announcements. At the same time, you want to ensure that the channel of communication remains open. 

A good amount of time between tenant announcements is a minimum of every two weeks. 

Of course, if there are important announcements that you need to make in the interim, you should contact tenants regardless of when the last announcement happened.   

If there isn’t anything to discuss from your side, the biweekly tenant communication should invite occupants to approach you with any queries or concerns. 

Again, this is all about being approachable and valuing the well-being of your tenants. 


3. Create an Interactive Communication Channel

It might be a good idea to invest in a tenant portal or a tenant intranet through which you can maintain contact. 

This will ensure that tenants know exactly where to go to get updates and make queries. A tenant communication platform that is separate from other channels will likely be appreciated. After all, regular emails or messages can easily go unnoticed in a messy inbox. 

With a tenant portal or a tenant intranet, you essentially create a two-way channel through which tenants can respond to your communications.  

Tenants can directly approach the landlord only, or other neighbours, or initiate an interactive group discussion. This way, everyone in the shared space can feel heard and stay up to date.


Final Thoughts

Tenant communication is essential for nurturing a positive professional relationship with each person that is spending a significant amount of time on and in your property. Opening communication and making announcements regularly is the best way to keep your tenants happy.


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