How To Manage Commercial Tenant Contacts Easily

Commercial tenants often have several numbers that you can contact and different individuals responsible for specific tasks. Thus as a commercial property manager, keeping track of the changes in your tenants’ contact details can be tricky.

Knowing who to contact and how, as well as when that changes, is a fundamental part of tenant relationship management. As without the relevant information, you cannot communicate effectively with your tenants.

You also need to consider the type of tenant you have as there are many different types of commercial tenants. For example, there are offices, retailers, shopping centres and business parks, and each will need different type of contact management.

5 Tips To Manage Commercial Tenant Contacts

Here are a few tips to make your tenant contact management easier and keep all your communications running smoothly:


1. Implement A Digital Communication Channel And Portal

Our first tip is to introduce a digital platform for all tenant announcements and communications. With a dedicated tenant app, you can communicate with your tenants regardless of any number changes. 

Your platform should be a digital system that enables you to message tenants directly and track their responses and requests.

It should also increase information accessibility for both you and your tenants. Thus, it should be mobile-friendly and allow safe document sharing.


2. Create A Tenant Involvement Strategy

Your relationship with your tenants cannot be one-sided. Tenants must feel that they can communicate freely with you and get actively involved in facility issues. 

Create a tenant involvement strategy that highlights the ways that tenants can engage you on important changes. 

This should include how they can use the new communication channel, the touch points or relevant representatives, and more. You should also make clear the kind of issues or information they should feel free to engage you in.


3. Have Regular Tenant Meetings

One way to involve tenants is through tenant meetings. These can be regular one-on-one sessions or group forums. Some tenants may find meetings more responsive and engaging than digital communication.

Meetings are also a great way to get an immediate response from your tenants about any contact changes, issues they have, updates, and feedback.


4. Be On Top Of The Lease Agreements

As we said, there are different types of commercial tenants with varying needs. Always go over their lease details so you know exactly what they require from you. In that way, you know how to manage their expectations better and can provide a better tenant experience to each tenant.


5. Conduct Surveys

Feedback matters for the improvement of your management systems. Tenant meetings are one way to collect feedback or gauge how your tenants feel about your service. Surveys are another. 

Conduct regular surveys to find out any concerns or constructive feedback (or even negative feedback) that your tenants have for you. You can use this to find out which areas of your property could be improved. As a result, survey feedback enables you to better manage your facilities and ensure that each tenant is satisfied with the property.


Final Thoughts

Contacts facilitate communication between tenants and property or facility managers. And we all know communication is essential for the success of this relationship. Use the tips above to nurture your tenant relationships through efficient, informed, and careful contact management.


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