How To Onboard New Commercial Tenants

Efficiently onboarding new commercial tenants will make a major difference to how the rest of the tenancy follows through. If onboarding is smooth and efficient, maintaining a strong relationship with the tenant is a lot easier. It can also improve tenant involvement in a big way. This has many long-term benefits for any property brand. 

Here are some of the most important things to consider when onboarding new commercial tenants.

Make Sure They Have Access To All The Relevant Information About The Property

Onboarding new tenants for a commercial property starts by ensuring they have access to all the necessary information. Transparency about property information is essential. Tenants need to have all of the relevant information as soon as they start out. 

This should include every day-to-day aspect of the property. For example, processes around electricity, security, and any important tenant responsibilities. 

Making this information clearly available streamlines communication and helps tenants settle in faster without any issues.


Communicate In A Simple, Straightforward Way

The key to efficient onboarding comes down to communication. If you open up communication early with new tenants, the entire process of taking them on becomes a whole lot smoother.

Start by making sure that your communication channel is clearly defined. Establish the most convenient channel for communication, such as a tenant portal, and pass along any important information and announcements whenever it’s necessary. 

Communicate openly and frequently. By ensuring you have a simple and straightforward line of tenant communication in place, you instantly cut down on confusion around onboarding.


Top 5 Tips for an Efficient Onboarding Process of New Tenants in Commercial Properties

Onboarding new tenants doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Here are five tips to make things easier:


  1. Use a single source of information. Instead of using multiple spreadsheets and documents, use a single source of truth for all tenant contacts. This keeps all tenant data up to date and available for easy property management.

  2. Explain the lease carefully. Onboarding and managing the tenant becomes a lot easier if the tenant fully understands the lease. Carefully go over the lease with the tenant and cover any legal terms. Make sure they have a complete understanding of each term in the lease. 

  3. Schedule the move-in date. The move-in date is often different from the lease's first day. Establish this with the new tenant to avoid confusion.

  4. Perform a thorough inspection of the space. The more detailed your pre-move-in inspection is, the easier it will be to avoid any issues or disputes later on during the tenancy.

  5. Welcome the tenant. A warm welcome on move-in day can greatly impact tenant relations later down the line. A small welcome gift like a box of chocolate can go a long way.

Final Thoughts

When you follow the correct onboarding process and make communication and information easily available, managing tenants becomes a whole lot easier. Not only this, but tenant relations improve, and tenant turnover can often decrease.

By utilising the right tenant communications tool and storing all important information in one place, tenant onboarding becomes a seamless experience.


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