8 Types Of Announcements To Keep Your Tenants In The Loop

Making the effort to keep your tenants updated on important developments in their building or area will keep them content. Tenant announcements show that their comfort is important to you and that you are a landlord who is on the ball. 

This will help foster a good professional relationship with your tenants. In turn, it will help you avoid messy disputes or a high tenant turnover rate.

Below are 8 scenarios that warrant active tenant communication, be it via direct message, a tenant portal, or tenant intranet.

1. Changes in Property Contracts


Contract changes, no matter how small, should always be brought to the attention of the tenant. They should be aware of any changes before they occur. 

Once a revised agreement has been drawn up, they should be content to sign off on it, knowing that you kept them in the loop every step of the way.


2. Changes in Services

Changes in services promised should ideally be accompanied by contract revision. So, again, tenant communication is imperative in this situation.    

Inform in your tenant portal of any changes to maintenance, cleaning, property management, or waste management services. 

Tenant announcements should ideally communicate the reasoning behind any service changes so that tenants understand their necessity.  


3. Important Building Rules

It is always a good idea to continually share important building rules with your tenants, particularly if you are aware of any contraventions.

Important rules might include smoking or noise regulations, or things like proper trash and recycling disposal.


4. New Green Initiatives

As more buildings aim for LEED or BREEAM certifications, communicating new recycling options and other green initiatives to your tenants is becoming more important.

You can even choose to share important figures with your tenants, such as building/unit carbon footprint numbers.


5. Renovations

Renovations are noisy and messy, and they represent a major inconvenience to tenants. 

Send out tenant announcements for any upcoming renovations. Include a clear start date and a predicted end date, so that tenants have an idea of how long the disruption will continue.


6. Interruptions

In the same vein as renovation announcements, you should warn tenants of inconvenient interruptions ahead of time where possible. You must also keep them updated regarding the fix. 

These include interruptions to water and power supply.


7. New Tenants

A good way to foster a positive community within your buildings is to announce any new tenants. 

Share their name and unit number on the tenant portal or tenant intranet so that your other tenants have the opportunity to connect with others in the building.


8. Local Events

These tenant announcements could include anything from a new coffee shop that’s opening down the road to a mugging incident on the street. 

Help tenants stay safe and content by keeping them up to date regarding new developments and news in the area.


Final Thoughts

Regular tenant communication regarding the scenarios listed above is essential for fostering a healthy, resent-free working relationship between tenant and landlord.


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