Building Inspections for Security Managers

Building inspections is a familiar task for security managers. But sometimes it’s a good idea to look at new suggestions and review your inspection list. If you already know the difference between audits, inspections, assessments and checks, it’s time to move on.

That’s why we built a list of items that you should consider when building inspections as a security manager. Naturally, some of the entries overlap with the responsibilities of facility managers and health and safety managers. But for a security manager, these are the most important issues to consider:

1. Doors and locks

We don’t want unwelcome surprise guests, do we?


2. Access and ID cards

What’s the process of producing and handing out access and ID cards? What are the restrictions?


3. CCTV (surveillance cameras)

Is the system working impeccably? Where’s the data and who has an access to it?


4. Guards

Who’s doing and what? Are the guarding lists up-to-date?


5. Security Reports

Is there enough data coming from the field? Is it well-organised? Which channels are used?


Final Thoughts

When the inspection list is in line, the next step to consider is choosing the best software for inspections and making a decision whether SaaS is more suitable than a bespoke app. In addition, it’s a good idea to look at how to sell safety and security solutions in-house and take a moment with 7 ways to be a more efficient safety manager.


If you have another point to add to this list, please, feel free to comment on Twitter @FalconyHQ. We appreciate the feedback. Also, don't hesitate contacting us for more details - we're here for you.

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