Year Round Up: 2021

Another year has gone by, and this one was a special one indeed. It was a year with slight rollercoasters with the pandemic and other major world events that posed challenges for both individuals and companies. Being mindful of this, and acknowledging the gravity of the impact of these on us all, is granted.

We hope, again this year, that your loved ones are safe and healthy as we go towards the end of the year. 

In order for us to end this year on a great note, we want to share our top highlights from 2021 with you.

Product Development

Working in development sprints of two weeks, we had multiple upgrades and updates to our platform this year. The most noteworthy out of these was us merging our two products, and, into one platform. As quite a lot of our customers were already working with both modules, the merge makes it easier to manage all processes and have all the data on a single view.

Besides the technical aspects of the merge, here are some notable mentions from the other updates we launched this year:


New layout for the auditing and observation reporting functionalities

With the merge came a new layout and styling for the platform. You may have already noticed it.

Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 12.31.36

Observation Filter Option: Unassigned

It’s now possible to select “unassigned” for observations. This allows admins to quickly find observations that haven’t been assigned to anyone yet, and assign the right people.


Audit Template Editing

The audits' template editing section allows users to edit their audit templates themselves. It can be accessed through the administration function.

Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 12.24.48


Assigned Observations on User’s homepage

A user’s assigned observations appear on the homepage of the platform, the first page you see when you sign in.

Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 13.43.26


Removed Support For IE11

This was done as Microsoft itself will end all support for Internet Explorer 11 across its services from 17th of August, this year (2021).


Audits Pivot Grid

The statistics section got a new pivot grid option, the audit's pivot grid. It will help you view reactive observations made in audits across the organisation.


Signature Audits Questions

It was made possible to add a signature question to an audit. This is for when a sign-off is needed before the audit is completed. It is a required question, just like the other audits questions.



Deleting ongoing audits

Inspectors can now delete ongoing audits. The audit can be deleted from the right corner menu.

Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 12.28.14


New Languages Added

The platform can now also be used in Thai, Greek, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Slovenian, and Chinese (traditional).


Status page launched

You can now follow the uptime and downtime of the platform in our status page. This page will also be used to communicate about maintenance events, and active issues in our services.


New Modules Launched

This year, we launched 2 new modules: 

  1. Tenant Portal for tenant communications
  2. Whistleblowing module

If you are interested in this and want to hear more about them, reach out to us at and let’s have a meeting.


New Content


We added more use-case pages to our website. From these, you can read more about how we can help function specifically.

Check them out


Case Studies

In addition to new content about use-cases, we have also added new case studies to the website. A massive thank you to all our customers who have given interviews and been open to share their experiences with the platform.


Whistleblowing One-Pagers

On the occasion of the EU whistleblowing directive’s first deadline, we launched one-pagers about our whistleblowing solution in English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, and German

These include the most essential information about our solution.



We have again this year published quite a few new blog posts on different topics from employee engagement in cross-team collaboration, organisational agility, safety management, whistleblowing to tenant communications. 

You can read them all and more on our official blog.


Our Team and Company

Our team grew a bit this year, and we were able to welcome 2 new team members: Aslam and Bart, who joined our Development team. 

We have also celebrated several work anniversaries and birthdays this year, as well as had multiple work events in safe conditions. Some of them have been shared on our Instagram page.


2022, Let’s Go!

We close this year by giving a huge thanks to all our amazing customers, everyone receiving this newsletter and our team. 

We hope you stay safe, healthy, and happy wherever you are. 

Happy holidays, and see you again in the new year! 

Best Regards, 

The Plan Brothers Team


If your organisation is looking for a tool to involve all employees in observation reporting, idea generation, and field data collection for better decision-making on workplace and business strategies, have a look at the Falcony Platform. It enables your staff to participate in creating clarity on non-conformities, give feedback, ideas and input for the business, as well as preventing and decreasing the amount of friction in cross-team communications and gather actionable data in the process.


We are building the world's first operational involvement platform. Our mission is to make the process of finding, sharing, fixing and learning from issues and observations as easy as thinking about them and as rewarding as being remembered for them.‍

By doing this, we are making work more meaningful for all parties involved.

More information at

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