What Great Tenant Experiences Look Like?

There are many factors required to build a seamless tenant experience. Communication, tenant involvement, and accessibility all affect how tenants experience your facility.

In this article, we will explore what a great tenant experience looks like. We will also share tips for how to meet your commercial tenants’ expectations.

4 Key Elements For A Great Tenant Experience

While a great tenant experience stems from many things, here are some important elements that property managers should implement.


1. Clear Communication

Open and clear communication is a necessary part of creating good tenant experiences. Efficient and regular communication keeps tenants up-to-date and in the loop. They know where to find you if they need your assistance and it isn't a hassle. This eases their experience in communicating any concerns or issues they have with the property.


2. Tenant Involvement

Tenants are the core of your property, so it only makes sense to involve them in the management of the facility. The voice of your tenants is important as they are the ones who are using the facilities every day.

You can get tenants involved through regular feedback surveys and meetings. You can also encourage them to ask questions and share concerns through a tenant portal.


3. Easy Access To Information

Having hidden or inaccessible information channels can be frustrating for your tenants. You can improve tenant satisfaction by making sure they can find any information at any time. This includes information regarding property management, reception services, and service providers in the building.


4. Easy Access To Report

Another form of accessibility that can benefit your tenant experience is support access. Make it easy for tenants to get help and report issues.

They should be able to easily file complaints, share ideas, submit key orders and access requests, and so on. Then, also make it possible to follow and track the report so that they can see any updates and actions you’re taking.


Top 3 Tips To Meet Tenant Expectations

To help you provide a great tenant experience, you need to make sure your tenants’ expectations are being met. Here are three tips to help you do that:


1. Find Out What The Tenants Expect

To better understand tenant expectations, research the current trends in commercial property service. Get to know your tenants and personalise what you offer to meet their needs. 

You can also learn more about what they want through surveys, discussions, forums, etc. The more you engage them, the better an experience you can create.


2. Have Clear Support Systems In Place

Establish channels that your tenants can access easily. Many things can go wrong around a property and it’s important that tenants can get help when they need it. Ensure tenants understand what channels they have as options to get support.


3. Use A Tenant Portal

Tenant portals are a great way to bring together all the pieces needed to create great tenant experiences. You can use them to manage communication, support, information access, announcements, and more.


Final Thoughts

Brilliant tenant experiences are all about the detail. To design one, you have to put yourself in your tenants’ shoes and give them what they need. A tenant portal allows you to enhance all the areas of good tenant experiences.


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