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6 Things Boards Should Know About Whistleblowing

A rise in the prominence of whistleblowing and the development of whistleblowing regulations across...

4 min read

16 Incidents every University and School should be reporting

University incident reporting, as well as school incident reporting, are critical for the...

Safety Management
4 min read

6 ways to Engage Students in Incident Reporting

Student incident reporting can be an incredibly effective way of bringing about change in important...

Safety Management
5 min read

3 Reasons Why To Categorise Whistleblowing Cases

When it comes to whistleblowing, case management can make all the difference. If the management is...

5 min read

"It happened only once so it's not a big deal"

There are many reasons why incidents, mistakes or wrongdoings in the workplace go unreported. This...

Leading Indicators
4 min read

How whistleblowing builds COVID-19 resilience?

We’ve noticed two big trends emerging lately: the EU whistleblowing directive and lockdown orders...

Health and Safety
3 min read

8 Tips on How to Manage Whistleblowing Cases Effectively

Whistleblowing is the term used to describe the employee reports about wrongdoing. Confidential...

6 min read

Apprehending Whistleblowing with Miikka Karimo

With whistleblowing being a hot topic due to the upcoming EU Directive, we interviewed Miikka...

11 min read

Why Is Whistleblowing So Important?

We like to point out to the importance of whistleblowing and open reporting but let's first give a...

12 min read

Involve your stakeholders to report

At Falcony, we create solutions that multiply the amount of observations and enable our customers to gain greater understanding of what’s going on in their organisations, areas of responsibility and processes.