Job Description Of A Tenant Experience Manager

Creating a satisfactory tenant experience is just as important in commercial real estate management as building maintenance would be. Tenants are the core focus of running your commercial facility. This means happy tenants make for great business and an even better reputation.

An excellent tenant experience can help foster a wholesome and amicable relationship between real estate companies or landlords and their tenants. So, property or facility managers can benefit from working with a tenant experience manager.

What is Tenant Experience?

Tenant experience includes features of the property manager or company’s service and aspects of the property itself. It’s about how tenants relate to your property as a whole. This can include factors like:


  • Communication
  • Tenant expectations
  • Maintenance
  • Building functionality
  • Accessibility
  • Service provision
  • Issue resolution
  • Manager or company relationship
  • Community building


These affect the satisfaction of the client and their overall experience of your property.


What is a Tenant Experience Manager?

A tenant experience manager is an individual devoted to making sure the factors above work together in harmony. They curate the tenant experience. This includes understanding what tenants need or want and other areas of tenant interest.


The top priorities of a tenant experience manager include:

  • Addressing tenant issues
  • Improving customer service from other team members
  • Gauging tenant satisfaction
  • Planning and executing facility events
  • Heading customer service efforts
  • Facilitating open and transparent communication channels for tenants


This role and the tasks above are important for harmonious tenant relations and property management. The tenant experience manager acts as a go-between the property manager or landlord and the tenant. Their main goal is to promote the interests and satisfaction of the tenant.


Property Manager vs. Facilities Manager vs. Tenant Experience Manager

Property and facilities managers focus primarily on the property itself. This includes building functionality, logistics, managing service provision, and other tasks. The tenant experience is only one aspect of their job - one they consider in relation to their other priorities.

This is the core difference between these roles and that of a tenant experience manager. The latter’s sole focus is the tenant experience and enhancing that to its best.

Thus, in the right conditions, and when needed, property managers can work with tenant experience managers for the better of their building.


Main Considerations to Make When Hiring a Tenant Experience Manager

When you consider hiring a tenant experience manager, ponder these questions:


  • What does your tenant experience management look like currently? 
  • Will the manager work with a property manager or independently?
  • What areas of your tenant experience would you like to improve?
  • Do your tenants have any areas of concern?
  • How will your tenants get access to the manager?


Answering these questions will help you identify what you want to achieve by adding this role. They will also help you define the role clearly.


Final Thoughts

So why hire a tenant experience manager? Well, they can help you gain some much-needed insight into the needs and interests of your tenants. 

With an experience manager, you can ensure tenant satisfaction. This helps you build a reputation as a commercial property that offers the best service and facilities. As we all know, a poor tenant experience can cost you!


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