Execution is everything. The better you run your operations, the better your business is doing. These processes have been under focus for a long time. They are what business school students study. They are what successful entrepreneurs talk about.

We're very familiar with software aiding in making these processes more efficient. We’ve had enterprise management software, inventory and billing software. Having affordable laptops and smartphones has brought us huge ease in running our businesses. However, there still are processes, that are inefficient and clumsy; there still are areas where we rely on the good old pen and paper and phone calls.

One such area is the assessing and checking of facilities and processes and incident and event reporting. Using emails and static pdf reports is perceived as drag and waste in many organisations. And organisations have come up with all kinds of different tape-and-gum solutions to tackle the problem.

During the last few years, it seems that technology companies have really risen to the challenge of solving the problems of the COO. We’re witnessing the rise of Check Tech.

What do I mean by Check Tech?

Check Tech consists of software tools (laptop, tablet and mobile), that enable checking of processes and premises, assessing risk, reporting events, incidents and nonconformities, streamlining the communications and enabling kps to be derived from the data gathered.

Cloud-based Check Tech improve productivity, increase transparency and provide advanced business analytics. It enables companies to take a transformational shift in the way they use automation to streamline everything from reporting a broken piece of equipment, to company- wide audits on security.

The importance of having some Check Tech solutions in place is enormous! With an only small growth in the overall economy, you need to cut waste in processes to survive and succeed in the modern environment.

Check Tech enables the user to focus on what's important. They don't have to worry about submitting the next reports when they're due because everything is automated. The biggest energy company in the Nordics calculated that they save up to 50% of the time allocated to compliance related tasks by introducing Check Tech. That’s a lot of man hours.

Can Check Tech ever fully replace Excel sheets and pen and paper? Maybe not. But it will bring you right back where you want to be with your tool set - in the 21st century.

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