Why Idea Generation solutions must emphasis on small ideas?

In organisations, it's easy to become enamored with grand, game-changing ideas that promise revolutionary transformations.

However, the true engine of progress often lies in the small, incremental ideas that accumulate over time. In this blog, we'll explore the significance of small ideas and why idea generation solutions must emphasize them to foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

The Value of Small Ideas

Small ideas, often referred to as "incremental" or "low-hanging fruit" ideas, may not grab headlines or create groundbreaking shifts, but they offer immense value:

  • Feasibility: Small ideas are typically more feasible to implement, requiring fewer resources and posing lower risks. This makes them more readily achievable, contributing to a steady stream of improvements.

  • Cumulative Impact: Over time, the cumulative impact of small ideas can be significant. When consistently implemented, these ideas can lead to substantial improvements in efficiency, quality, and cost savings.

  • Risk Mitigation: Small ideas serve as a safe testing ground for innovation. They allow organizations to experiment with new approaches without committing to large-scale changes, reducing the risk of failure.

  • Employee Involvement: Encouraging employees to contribute small ideas fosters a sense of ownership and involvement. It empowers individuals to make meaningful contributions to the organization's success.

  • Problem-Solving: Small ideas are often solutions to specific, everyday challenges. They address pain points, improve processes, and enhance the overall work environment.

  • Continuous Improvement: Emphasizing small ideas aligns with the philosophy of continuous improvement, where incremental changes lead to ongoing enhancements in quality and performance.

Why Idea Generation Solutions Should Emphasize Small Ideas

  • Inclusivity: Prioritizing small ideas encourages participation from a broader range of employees. It recognizes that innovation is not limited to a select few but can come from anyone within the organization.

  • Lower Barrier to Entry: Small ideas are more accessible for employees who may be hesitant to propose major changes. Emphasizing them reduces the perceived barrier to entry for idea submission.

  • Cultural Shift: Focusing on small ideas helps cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. It sends the message that every improvement, no matter how minor, is valued and contributes to the organization's success.

  • Immediate Impact: Small ideas often lead to quick wins. When employees see their suggestions implemented and delivering positive results, it reinforces the belief in the value of idea generation.

  • Idea Pipeline: Emphasizing small ideas ensures a steady flow of ideas into the innovation pipeline. While some may remain small, others could evolve into larger, transformative initiatives.

  • Risk Management: Small ideas provide a way to test new concepts and approaches with limited risk. Organizations can assess their effectiveness before committing to larger investments.

  • Employee Satisfaction: Recognizing and implementing small ideas can boost employee morale and job satisfaction. It shows that the organization values their contributions and cares about their daily experiences.


Small ideas are the unsung heroes of innovation and continuous improvement. While big, transformative ideas capture attention, it's the accumulation of small, practical improvements that drives long-term success. Idea generation solutions should emphasize these small ideas, as they not only offer immediate benefits but also contribute to a culture of innovation and a resilient, adaptable organization. By valuing and nurturing small ideas, organizations can tap into the collective creativity of their workforce and unlock the full potential of incremental progress.

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