Why Your Tenants Prefer Mobile Communication Instead of Email or Phone

Tenant announcements are essential for fostering tenant contentedness and, in turn, tenant loyalty and a reduced turnover rate. That is why you don’t want them to get lost in an email box filled with hundreds of other emails and phone call require way too much effort. So what is the optimal channel for your announcements?

The quick answer is that tenants prefer the same kind of effortless communication they consume in their free time. Here, we will explore why that is, and why phone calls and emails miss the mark.

Why Tenants Prefer Mobile Communication

These days, we want information and communication that is above all, easily accessible. Mobile phones represent this pinnacle of accessibility.  

Just think of all the businesses already taking advantage of the age of mobility. For music, we open Spotify; when we go somewhere, we request an Uber with just a few touches; when we want to order takeaway, we slide into Wolt; whatever we do, we want to be able to do it on the go with minimal friction.

In the age where everything is done with a phone, tenant communication should be no different. Or wouldn't you as a tenant prefer announcements that are easily accessible with just a few clicks on your mobile?

Whether this is through social media platforms, or your very own mobile-compatible tenant portal or tenant intranet, communicating on the go is a must these days. When the threshold of communicating is low, you can rest assured that most tenants will be notified of important updates.

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The Disadvantages of Emails and Phone Calls

In the past, landlords might request that tenants send any lease-related queries to their email address. Or, they might hand out a service number to call for any maintenance requests, etc. 

These channels require the tenant to do all the work. They put the onus of communication on the tenant rather than the landlord as it should be. 

With emails and messy inboxes, communication doesn't actually happen in real-time. In addition, many important tenant announcements are never opened. 

In terms of two-way communication, trying to have an open dialogue with multiple tenants on the same email chain can quickly become confusing. The discourse that should be happening is lost in the chaos and this defeats the whole purpose of tenant communication.

Phone calls, on the other hand, are disruptive. They also don’t leave any room for casual updates or communications. You only really phone someone regarding something pressing. And that's how it should be.

A mobile application in the form of a tenant portal or tenant intranet that is dedicated to communication wouldn’t have these same disadvantages. They reduce confusion and notifications will alert a tenant to an update without disturbing them directly.


Final Thoughts

Mobile communication has extended into all spheres of our lives and we relish the convenience of it. The way we consume information in our private lives have drastically changed what we expect of communication in our professional lives.

The same applies to tenant experience. Whether we are tenants or landlords, we expect communication to be effortless and available wherever we go. The old way of managing tenant communication via phone calls or emails is inconvenient, ineffective, and disruptive.

For effective tenant announcements and dialogue, your clients will appreciate the convenience of a mobile platform!


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