How to use move-in and move-out inspection reports effectively

Move-in and move-out inspections are assessments of property spaces to check conditions before and after a tenant’s lease. When conducted properly, these assessments can help facilitate a smooth understanding between you and tenants. So, let’s discuss the best ways to use inspection reports.

Using Move-in and Move-out Inspection Reports Effectively

Move-in and move-out inspection reports document the state of your commercial space in the touch points of new and leaving tenants. Here’s how you can use inspection reports effectively.


Track each commercial/tenant space

As the property manager or landlord, you must be sure to maintain each property you own. This maintenance requires you to keep track of any damages that need repair or attention. You should make repairs before and after a tenant moves in. Maintaining your property between each tenant shows care and helps you solve issues before they become giant costs.

Besides the repairs, you may decide to use some of the renovations as points for negotiating longer term leases with new tenants.

Regardless of the case, conducting move-in and move-out inspections helps you monitor the condition of the space so that you are aware of what needs your attention. You should also keep track of fixes made during the tenant’s rental time, not just when they move in and out. 

Monitoring conditions and fixes doesn’t just make you a good landlord. It also allows you to observe where your money goes and your financial interests and investments. 


Collect rich data to use for comparisons over time

Part of keeping track of your tenant spaces means documenting what the state of the rental was before and after the tenant’s use. Collecting detailed information at each commercial space inspection helps you compare conditions at move-in and move-out. 

  • Use an inspection checklist to keep note of different factors. 
  • Take images as evidence that the checklist is accurate. 
  • Compile a report with both the checklist and the visual elements. 
  • Keep updating the report with any damages and issues that arise throughout the lease. 

An inspection platform is a wonderful way to keep all your data together and accessible to both you and your tenant. 

You can also use the data to compare how your respective units perform in comparison to each other and understand which properties give you the best return on investment and why.


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Welcome new tenants

The move-in inspection or premises handover is a vital moment in building your relationship with your tenants. It allows you to welcome them and show them that you care for their needs and the property itself. 

It also establishes responsibility, making it clear that you are both accountable for looking after the space. 


Leave a good impression

The move-out inspection is also important to your customer relationship and is definitely a touchpoint you should focus on with your tenants. 

Leaving a good impression when accepting the premises back gives the potential for future business. It also ensures good business, as your tenants can recommend your property to others. 



Using move-in and move-out inspection reports can benefit your business in many ways. Make this a focus of your tenant journey and you will be well on your way to maintaining the topnotch tenant experience with your commercial property rentals.


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