8 Features a Facility Audit Software Needs to Have

A full-stack facility audit software has basically four parts in it. Firstly, with the software the end-user should be able to compose auditing templates. Secondly, the end the software should be able to produce reports for specific target locations. The third part is about combining information from several single reports and generating statistics and graphics. In the fourth stage, the software presents understandable suggestions and solutions for management. In order to succeed in these tasks, a full-stack facility audit software needs to have 8 specific features:

Fast and easy usability

Nobody wants to use an auditing software just to notice that he or she doesn’t really understand what to put and where. Auditing has to be intuitive and the template clear and self-explanatory.



The software must have excellent sharing capabilities. Information easily becomes useless if it cannot be shared and forwarded to the right people. Decisions should be made on correct and up-to-date data.



Since facilities might vary notably, an auditing software must provide an easy way to customise templates. It should be effortless and intuitive. When given template is modified, previously entered information should be automatically adjusted according to the customised version. In addition, reports given out to customers need to be modifiable.


Excellent Photography Qualities

Everyone has heard the phrase “one picture is worth a thousand words”. The photo feature can also be extremely beneficial in situations where the auditor has to operate at a fast pace and needs to take quick notes.


Design and Visuality

Clear formatting and a thoughtful use of visuals make the software easier to use. Nicely designed and visually appealing reports are undoubtedly more understandable and also more representable to different stakeholders.

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Organisations might have numerous distinct facilities and a continuous need to manage them in various ways. It should be effortless for the management to oversee these complex structures with the software. Also granting access rights to the right people in order for them to receive and use information from specific templates or areas is a part of good manageability.


Statistics and Comparability

An excellent auditing software combines and compares huge amounts of information and produces understandable statistics. It compares data from specific locations, templates, template sections or single questions and produces information about correlations and finding root causes for defects.


Trends and conclusions

A full-stack auditing software presents information about trends and suggests best solutions for each situation. Tons of money can be saved when managers are not spending their time pinpointing correlations or finding comparisons, but receiving concrete solutions and directions how to proceed forward.

Markets offer several kinds of auditing software, but like with any product, quality and features may vary tremendously. In order to succeed in a long term, organisations in compliance industry should invest in high-quality full-stack auditing software which meets at least the previously mentioned criteria. It saves time and effort, but also considerable amounts of money. And most importantly, an intelligent software presents viable solutions that could otherwise pass unnoticed. 

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