Eurovision 2024: 5 Things to watch as an ESG professional

As the Eurovision Song Contest prepares to take center stage in Malmö, Sweden, in May 2024, the spotlight not only illuminates the dazzling performances but also unveils the ESG essentials that accompany such a grand event.
While the world eagerly awaits the spectacle, it's essential to recognize and address the ESG considerations that may lurk beneath the surface.

Infrastructure Challenges

Eurovision, with its massive audience and participants, places immense strain on the host city's infrastructure. Malmö's picturesque streets and venues may struggle to accommodate the influx of visitors, performers, and media personnel. Overcrowded public transportation, congested roads, and strained utilities pose unforeseen safety risks. Eurovision must prioritize effective crowd management and robust infrastructure to ensure the event runs smoothly. Prevention measures include implementing traffic control strategies, increasing public transport capacity, and conducting infrastructure inspections to identify and address potential hazards.

Additionally, ensuring the accessibility of venues and facilities for attendees with disabilities is paramount. Eurovision organizers should conduct thorough accessibility assessments and implement necessary accommodations, such as ramps, accessible seating, and sign language interpretation services. By proactively addressing accessibility concerns, Eurovision can ensure that all attendees can fully participate in and enjoy the event without encountering barriers.


In today's digital era, Eurovision is not only a celebration of music but also a potential target for cyber threats. With millions of viewers worldwide, the event's infrastructure, ticketing systems, and broadcasting platforms become vulnerable to cyberattacks. Eurovision must bolster its cybersecurity defenses, conduct regular security audits, and have comprehensive incident response plans in place. Prevention strategies involve implementing robust firewalls, employing encryption technologies, and providing cybersecurity training for event staff to recognize and respond to suspicious activities promptly.

Furthermore, Eurovision organizers should prioritize data privacy and protection to safeguard the personal information of attendees, performers, and staff. Implementing robust data encryption, access controls, and secure payment processing systems can mitigate the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information. By prioritizing cybersecurity and data protection, Eurovision can uphold the trust and confidence of all stakeholders involved in the event.

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Environmental Sustainability

While Eurovision dazzles with its performances, it's crucial not to overlook its environmental footprint. The event's energy consumption and waste generation can have significant ecological consequences. Eurovision must prioritize environmental sustainability by implementing waste reduction initiatives, promoting energy efficiency, and offsetting carbon emissions. Prevention measures include implementing recycling programs, utilizing renewable energy sources, and encouraging sustainable transportation options for attendees.

Moreover, Eurovision organizers should engage in partnerships with local environmental organizations and community groups to promote environmental awareness and education. Hosting eco-friendly events, such as tree-planting initiatives or beach clean-ups, can showcase Eurovision's commitment to sustainability and inspire positive environmental action among attendees and the broader community.

Social Inclusivity

Eurovision stands as a symbol of diversity and inclusion, but ensuring a safe and inclusive environment requires proactive measures. Eurovision must address potential discrimination, harassment, or violence based on factors such as gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or disability. Prevention strategies include implementing anti-discrimination policies, providing accessible facilities, offering resources for reporting incidents of harassment or discrimination, and establishing mechanisms for whistleblowing. Eurovision must promote tolerance and acceptance through awareness campaigns, support services, and staff training on diversity and inclusion.

Furthermore, Eurovision organizers should actively engage with LGBTQ+ advocacy groups, disability rights organizations, and ethnic minority communities to ensure that their perspectives and needs are represented and respected throughout the event planning process. By fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity, Eurovision can truly embody its values of unity and solidarity.

Community Involvement

As Eurovision descends upon Malmö, it's essential to actively involve the local community in the event's preparations. Eurovision must involve residents, businesses, and stakeholders to address any potential disruptions or concerns. Prevention efforts involve soliciting feedback, conducting impact assessments, and implementing mitigation measures based on community input. Eurovision can minimize noise pollution, manage crowd movements, and support local businesses through collaborative efforts with the community.

Furthermore, Eurovision organizers should prioritize community outreach initiatives, such as town hall meetings, neighborhood forums, and volunteer opportunities, to foster positive relationships and dialogue with residents. By actively involving the local community in the planning and execution of the event, Eurovision can cultivate a sense of ownership and pride among Malmö residents and ensure that the event benefits the city as a whole.


As Eurovision takes the stage in Malmö in 2024, it's imperative to address the less-known ESG considerations that accompany such a grand event. By prioritizing infrastructure resilience, cybersecurity, environmental sustainability, social inclusivity, and community involvement, Eurovision can ensure a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience for all participants and attendees. Let's celebrate Eurovision responsibly, with ESG at the forefront of our minds.

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